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Savvy Affiliate Army

Credit score improvement is not a one person job. We believe in community and want to work with you! If you are looking for the perfect “you wash my back, I wash yours” relationship, becoming a Savvy Affiliate is the way to go!

Application, Distribution, and Signup

No complex applications, simple forward us your name, email, phone number, and company name and we’ll get you access to your very own affiliate partner portal!
Share, share, share Savvy services and watch those commissions roll in! When your lead visits, that will have access to answers for all their questions and even signing up with no hassle! For every client you send our way that decides to enroll in or Savvy or Savvy Team programs, you will earn a whopping $50 commission! BOOM!!!!

What You Can Not Do

Savvy Credit Consultants builds it’s business on the principles of trust and integrity.  With that said, do not lie to your leads when sharing our services.  We pride ourselves in factual disputing and by factual, we mean honest.  Simple as that.

Refer traffic to

If you would like a special banner for your website or sharing purposes, just request one by email at and we’ll get that right over to you.  Otherwise, simply add your leads into your private affiliate portal!

Earn, earn, earn!

For every person that signs up, we will reward your effort and loyalty with a $50 commission after the 1st 60 days of your referral being enrolled.